Content creator turned product creator

After 4 years of creating video content on YouTube and seeing
the various products I was using in my videos became very successful
companies, I made the move into product creation. Follow along
on my journey, learn how I did it, so you can too!



CartFlows is the leading sales funnel builder for WordPress. It helps WooCommerce store owners sell more with a fully optimized checkout and upsell expereince.

Launched 2018
290,000 Active Users

Presto Player

Presto Player is an audio and video player for WordPress. It offers powerful features to get more visitors to click play and better interact with your content.

Launched 2021
80,000 Active Users


SureCart is a full-featured ecommerce platform for WordPress. As a headless cloud platform, SureCart offers exceptional capabilities not found in alternatives.

Launched 2022
7,800 Active Users


SureMembers is WordPress plugin for websites where users log in. It offers content protection, secure digital downloads, and greater control over the logged-in experience.

Launched 2022
9,000 Active Users


SureTriggers is an automation platform that connects all of your WordPress websites, WordPress plugins, and SaaS apps that you use to power your business.

Launched March 2023
5,500 Active Users


SureWriter is an AI writing tool like none other. Unlike other writers, it helps you ask command the AI to get unique and personalized output that mirrors your writing.

Launching Summer 2023
100 Active Users
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