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Hi, my name is Adam, but I guess you already figured that out. I am an, almost 40 year old, living in Southern California. In my life I have had lots of big starts, lots of big failures, but have never stopped being an entrepreneur.

Swiming with the sharks!
Swiming with the sharks! (me on the right)


Even at a young age I knew I was an entrepreneur! There was nothing more satisfying then turning a profit. Buying low and selling high. Here are some of my starts:

  • Bought and sold candy at school (age 12)
  • Sold used cell phones (age 16)
  • Bought and sold mobile accessories (age 20)
  • Bought and sold stocks (age 22)
  • Bought and sold real estate (age 28)
  • Started a telemarketing call center, employed 70 people, 7 figure revenue (age 33)
  • Started a local internet marketing company (age 36)
  • Started a sports beverage company with an NBA legend / superstar (age 37)
  • Transitioned to become a Digital Entrepreneur (age 38)

As I enter my 40's I am convinced there it no greater opportunity then on the internet be being a Digital Entrepreneur.

No other time in history is the playing field leveled to where ANYONE that is willing to learn a little technical stuff & put in some extra hours on their computer, can live the most amazingly free life with complete freedom.

We live in an amazing time full of opportunities for anyone that has the desire and motivation. The barriers to entry have never been this low!


This blog is here to help anyone that had the desire & motivation to MAKE IT! I will teach you how to have as much success as you are willing to reach out and take for yourself.

There is more here then technical how to's, there is a community of support and motivation that will give you the edge to go to the next level in your journey.

The best next step you can take right now is to sign up for my newsletter below.

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8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Dear,
    How to integrate squarespace with mautic?
    how to pass data into mautic from a form on a squarespace page?
    can you help me?

    Truong Thanh

  2. Hi Adam-

    I just watched your video and am thinking about creating a membership site where someone can opt in and receive my course as opposed to using teachable. You said that you would be able to share how you created the page you showed in this video https://adampreiser.com/thrivethemes I am thinking about getting thrivethemes over optimizepress, but need a member portal for courses and were I can have a social forum for community….I think you said it was S2 and free. Anyway, wanted to see if you would share how you built the page in the video. Let me know your thoughts!

  3. Hi Adam:

    Just tried to sign up to your newsletter but I got this message:Your connection is not private

    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from email.infusionpage.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

    Is this me or you?



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