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Make Beautiful Optin Elements With Mautic API Integration & Thrive Leads


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Video Transcript

Make Beautiful Optin Elements With Mautic API Integration & Thrive Leads

Join me on another video I’m Adam from Adam and today is a good day I’m gonna

show you in this video how to create the most
beautiful optin elements on your WordPress

site integrate directly integrated with Mautic
which is the email marketing application of

choice is my preference is what I talk about
is 100% open source and free and I have videos

on how to install Mautic for you and other
very easy to follow tutorials and if you’re

not familiar with what marketing automation
is if you have to send emails to any clients

customers you have an email list you really
need to know what marketing automation is

and I have videos on that as well that’s not
what this video is about this is video is

about making beautifully powerful often elements
on your WordPress website super easy in connecting

it in with Mautic now I am using a plug-in
called Thrive leads and thrive leads just

added direct API integration with Mautic and
I do have to take a little bit of credit for

that is about two months ago I was having
a conversation over Facebook with one of the

cofounders of Thrive themes and I said please
please please can you fast-track this and

they had already received requests for it
but they receive requests for a lot of different

things and I begged him to do this because
I knew the Mautic users would love it it’s

the first and only opted plug plug-in for
WordPress that is directly integrated with

Mautic API so it’s a superduper awesome that
they did this I was deserve a little bit of

credit obviously dry themes built it I didn’t
build it but I did give them that knowledge

that got it on the development calendar and
I took about two months to get it completed

anyways if you don’t have thrive leave the
link to it down below it will tell you everything

about it it does cost money for thriving leads
is not that expensive so I’m not a new take

over the website in this video I will show
you right now how to do the integration and

how to create a pop-up element that you can
use on your site and you see that thread leads

really makes it all super easy and said it
in your results are super elegant with their

pre-design templates in the keep releasing
more templates you’ll see the templates and

I’m talking about so is understood to jump
into it right now so we need to do two things

jump over to your Mautic installation click
on the little wheel here that they displace

this settings panel now you most likely are
not in a C API connections as an option and

that’s because by default it’s disabled to
just go ahead and click on configuration and

is gonna take us to the configuration panel
or we can go ahead and enable the API integration

so right here is his API settings NEC’s disabled
click on yes to enable it and then I’m a click

save and close you can disregard the settings
right here this is for something technical

called a wall to which were not to use some
click on save and close is just gonna take

a sec my page is reloading next thing we need
to do is when Glenn click asked to remove

that notification now when you click on the
settings it’s going to have this new option

right here called API credentials so we need
to generate some API credentials that were

put in to thrive leads some going click on
API credentials in right here and click on

the new button and then I’m going to choose
right here and set this up okay so through

the first thing is old one Oro up to I know
this super geeky and it don’t get hung up

on this just use co-op one KO off to is going
to cause you some problems and we can give

it a name this names not used for anything
it’s just a reference this connection on what

it might be for someone to put just TL for
drive leads and we don’t need to put anything

for callback URL animal to click on save and
close now it’s showing me my public key in

my secret key which is the information that
were in the need for Thrive the leads now

I’m to delete this after this video so there’s
no sense in copying it or anything like that

so to go into my WordPress dashboard I’ve
already installed Thrive leads you go to Wertz’s

Thrive dashboard and click on that and this
is the dashboard for all the different Thrive

plot products if you have more than one if
you scroll all the way down it’s going to

say actually it’s right here API connections
so we just need to click your races manage

connections and then working to go right here
and click on add new connection and right

here in ado this’ll drop down arena choose
Mautic and then right here is what we need

to do to fill out we need to put the URL to
our moderate installation and that public

key and secret key and we need to make sure
it says oh all one in the drop-down George

is a law which is so off one and here’s a
little explanation of what O off to his compared

co-op one and why it’s better for you to just
use OR one okay so we start copying this stuff

and okay so I’ve gone ahead and filled it
out here is the URL to my my cancellation

and that public key and that secret key it’s
really easy to just highlighted put in your

clipboard and then paste it across and I have
co-op selected and then when you click on

connect it’s can go ahead and connect on into
Mautic first what does it take you there were

you log into Mautic and you authorize it so
let me log in so now I’m logged in it says

the application TL net said name we created
when we created this API credentials and we

just need to click on except and then that’s
all we need to do is to take us back into

Thrive leaves and it says that our connection
is ready and that’s all that you have to do

to make this connection now we can make all
the opting elements we want that’s right leads

offers and it’s just so powerful you really
got a look into what drive leads does some

to make it a which is make a normal pop-up
right now some go back to my dashboard and

click your just drive leads dashboard and
this is going to take me to all the settings

for Thrive leaves I’m going to click on add
new in this is going to be just a demo pop

up like that enemy click at a lead group health
right leads it doesn’t just do pop-ups at

the Sony things the split testing it has a
really cool feature work you’re sending an

email out to someone in authority on your
list and click on the link it cookies them

so doesn’t show nose pop up and often in elements
it can showman alternative one is just so

intelligent and powerful here it is called
demo pop-ups, click on that and here are some

of the opting elements I can create right
now so to choose lightbox is essentially just

a pop-up but you can see all these different
options yeah what’s really popular is the

screen filler and the scroll metals are very
popular right now about I just do a lightbox

right now so I’m click on this little plus
and then I’m a click on create form and what

the forms are as you can have different variations
of the pop up and you can split test them

so here you might want to call it option a
or option B your her you know what whatever

makes sense to you if you are split testing
against different one so I just put option

A why not you can change that name letter
later and right here you can choose your display

frequency so for this video I’m to make it
display all the time you would normally want

to do this as it might get a little annoying
for people I usually send it to three days

but for this video to make it all the time
you click save now we will design this often

elements so go ahead and click on this edit
design button right here is can open up in

a new tab and we could use some from any of
these predesigned options now you can also

do multi step templates that’s where the pop-up
happens it ask some question and there’s two

buttons and that can reveal the opt in form
anyways are you know what I want is in this

thing called the Thrive template club cloud
now thrive is a threat leads is constantly

producing new template designs and you can
usually find them here in the Thrive template

cloud but if you’re right here you can see
all the existing designs that it has up at

your most current ones are to be found in
the Thrive template clouds and here’s a multi

step ones they are separated as well so here’s
the Thrive template cloud and here’s the one

that I want so I just want straight up asked
for the username and the I’m sorry for the

name and email but here’s a multi step option
as well and here’s another multistep option

word asks the question but for this video
I’m just getting go ahead and choose this

one right here so you just click download
is good downloaded to the website and then

I can click on open and that would be to actually
start designing it she can see right off the

bat that this is a very elegant and stylish
pop up I’m actually using this on one of my

other sites called you can see
this there and I am integrated with Mautic

so I need to do is click anywhere and change
the text so right here it says free course

you can call it of free giveaway okay could
say did forgive wait so easy to change anything

and you can change the text here but I just
want to see the Mautic integration so here’s

the actual form so to click on that and then
only click on connect with service click on

create a new connection and then it already
has API selected and the alternative way and

this is how you used to have to do it is by
pasting in a form and creating a form and

Modicon all this stuff like that going click
on go to next step and here it is this is

gonna show you a list of the different APIs
you were integrated and you can is pretty

amazing thrive lead you can use multiple service
providers you can have it push in Modicon

a Weber or whatever you want so I have Mautic
right here and then it should so choose your

mailing list and this is just whatever segment
you might create so if you’re in Mautic and

you have this new option this is segments
I just created a segment called web website

visitors she can make this segment out whatever
name do whatever you want it doesn’t matter

what you choose you can trigger campaigns
and emails off of these segment leads and

that something for different video video but
you can just easily create a new segment you

can make the segment specific to what the
pop-up is for the opt in this war so maybe

it’s people interested in Modicon yet pop
up about Modicon in a free checklist on Montague

can create a segment just for that so anyways
I only have the one segment listed here but

if I was to create a new segment in Mautic
I would see it listed right here you just

have to click on this a reload option right
here in this is where this power of this API

connection really comes in is when it’s pulling
information directly communicating with Mautic

Summit and click on save and right here is
the different field properties so we want

asked her name in their email and I don’t
want their phone numbers let me turn on name

I don’t want the phone number and it’s gonna
check the email to make sure it’s properly

formatted you can change with the field label
says and I usually do this I usually put enter

your name and I usually do the same thing
for email your email like to just ask nicely

and other this and so right here gives you
the option of what to do after someone submits

it now the traditional way of doing this with
Mautic as you create a Mautic form and you

can end up having all these Mautic forms and
he gets a little cumbersome and then you would

tell Mautic what to do next with the when
someone submits the information but now because

the API you can just have thrive leads do
it for you she can have a reload on the current

page or redirect the visitor to a different
URL and rightly’s also gives this recapture

thing I haven’t had a problem and I haven’t
needed to use it so then just go ahead and

click on save and so you can see the field
labels changed and I got the window browser

were kinda scrunched and that’s what you can’t
really see the button right there but you

can also change the text on the button all
the colors everything’s easy to change so

I got this blue circle there but I can click
on it and then right here’s the color palette

and I can change that blue to say a green
and you can see just change to green sessions

showing a little bit of the power unit the
same thing here little bit of the power of

Thrive leads and how easy it makes things
and you also have this undo and redo options

with the plug-in and you can add whatever
content you want to the often element and

there’s all these different elements you can
just drag and drop in their that you may or

may not want to add to your pop-up so I’m
going to click on save changes and there it

is and then I’m in a click on the X right
here to just close out of Thrive leads now

I have this often element right here so now
let me go back to the dashboard for Thrive

leads him to click here it’s a straight leaves
and it’s right here so now I need to do one

thing you this morning I need to decide what
pages on my WordPress site to show this demo

pop up whoops this is the one I created some
click on the red click will there and you

can really narrow it in dad really tight where
you want this to show but I’m just a new collect

everything so’s the front page all pages all
these different things like that and then

he can run exclusions some click on save and
close and now that’s that’s set and ready

to go so I can open this site up in it should
trigger the pop up I’ll let me check up one

last thing on the demo pop-up that I might
have forgotten and that is when okay display

immediately on page so that was only thing
I was worried about I set the display frequency

earlier in the video but I didn’t this bus
at the yard trigger and there’s different

trigger options right here so you got on page
load after certain period of time there’s

all these different options he also had a
really cool accident and so someone’s leaving

your website dry leads can know it will trigger
that pop up there so I’m in a show it on page

load okay let me fix that he also can do like
a pretty slick animation this is the zoom

in and I’m not really fan of the zooming in
the wet I’m using is the homes let’s see which

one in my using think it’s the 3-D the 3-D
horizontal okay that’s cool there’s you could

just play around animation so anyways that’s
now saved someone go ahead and visit the site

like that and the site is pulling up in there
it is my pop-up came and you can also control

what is behind the pop-up so it’s just this
white overlay you can you can choose that

so it’s tested here so my name is Adam and
I want to put my email Adam at [email protected]

now I sit for just a reload the page I didn’t
set for to take me to a different page so

go ahead and click on get it now and you can
change that yet is all spinning thing and

it’s already push the information in the Mautic
you saw how quick that was now this is why

you want to not have it display all the time
it’s very annoying if I were to set it to

three day delay wouldn’t have popped right
back up anyways I’m going close that pop up

now I’m in Modicon Asheville click on contacts
and I can see it right there [email protected]

it would be showing me the location but this
double side I don’t have the Mautic tracking

pixel on it but it would have shown me the
location and the last active so if I click

on segments you can see it sortie showing
that I’ve got a new contact in this segment

so you saw how easy that was that is so easy
now let me just spend another minute on drive

Lisa show you some other cool things that
it does so you have all these different professionally

designed templates so you can also see it
has this scroll mat that is actually really

cool in a very modern way to generate opt
ins some just give that any name I just want

to see the templates row quick click on edit
design and they make these template design

so you can have all these various often elements
and have there be some design congruently

with it so they all, look similar summit click
back on Drive template, cloud you so that

that pop up I use it had, feminine look to
it and they have this feminine package to

go with it so for instance I could click on
here download let me just show you what of

this this one here looks like you click on
open and so this would be what comes up and

you can change whatever text you want and
you can see how it kind of goes along with

the pop up and you can make this not be so
girly it’s girly mainly because of the fonts

that are chosen and the color scheme and you
can easily change that so this is drive leads

only scratched the surface on what drive leads
can do on all the different elements it can

create is just so powerful you can use it
as a content blocker you can have a multi

step links in your content where they click
on it and it pops up there’s so many different

things that you can do with Thrive leaves
I have a link to it down below if you want

to see it in action on my site just go to or you can of course visit my

other site Adam to see Thrive leads
in Mautic together in action I hope you enjoyed

this video if you don’t own drive leads please
go and invite that’s how we can support the

companies that are making stuff for us so
they really went out of their way to make

this integration happen and the best way we
could make them is by purchasing a license

and I have a link to that down below thanks
for watching this video and I’ll see you in

the next.

Adam Preiser
Adam Preiser
Hi, my name is Adam, but I guess you already figured that out. I am an, almost 40 year old, living in Southern California. In my life I have had lots of big starts, lots of big failures, but have never stopped being an entrepreneur.


  1. Hi Adam, Love your work and you completely sold me on Mautic and your videos are really helping me find my way around it.

    Only one thing that still gets me lost, i dont know how you manage your multiple sites using only one installation of Mautic.

    I would find it a pain to have to install it on each of the sites, and having one installation control all these would be great.

    I really wanna know how do you separate the leads by website within Mautic. Do you have a video that goes into this or are you planning on making one.

    Thanks alot,

    Waiting for you response.

    1. What I did for that is use the company field, so whatever date it would be submitted into my Mautic installation it would also populate the company field, and all of my email blasts and campaigns would be segmented based upon that company field.

  2. I’m meeting Mautic, thanks to your information, in Latin America is to be a great help to small businesses, I am following, because the information you’ve given us is worth pure gold, I appreciate very much your effort to share this will be greatly rewarded with the effort of many people who will help and we help each other in synergy, we will soon be buying your recommendations, thank you.

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