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Why I Decided To Get Rid Of Get Sendy


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Last year I may review video on a self hosted
auto responder program that you can stall

install on your website in on any domain name
and the name of that autoresponder was called

Sendy and the benefits of Sendy were of the
cost as well as one of the big things was

the cost that you can send emails a lot cheaper
than you could with one of the different services

like a aWeber convert it or something like
that but I just wanted to announce that I

have officially gotten rid of get Sendy actually
not get Sunday just Sendy but if you look

on their twitter account is called get Sendy
that's why I'm saying I'm getting rid of get

Sendy know I'm I want to share with you why
he got rid of Sendy and what I'm using instead

and I think you're just the mutual love what
I've switched to in your cause and cause you

to think about implementing a similar solution
for your self so the benefit of Sendy was

it's cheap okay it's $59 for the script you
install it was a little complicated but you

just install it on your web hosting account
and you can integrated with something called

Amazon SES and what that is is Amazon has
these email servers and it lets you send out

emails in bulk using their trusted reliable
servers and the cost to send emails is so

stinging cheap goods in 1000 emails for $.10
or is a 10,000 for $10 1000 emails for $.10

so it's a very affordable to have as a service
to send emails to your customers whatnot and

that's one of the advantages of Sendy now
is noticing Sendy does that this when I switch

to does not do in 70 allows you to actually
put different companies so if you are selling

email marketing is a service you could kind
of do that with Sendy although I never use

it that way a lot of people don't use it that
way and I would never really recommended anyone

using it that way I think everyone is by Sendy
is usually for their own email marketing purposes

now what Sendy is is all it was was an autoresponder
so say someone gives you the name and email

on your website the that information gets
pushed in the Sendy and you could have an

autoresponder send them emails in a sequence
or you could just send out broadcast emails

when you wanted now there's a lot of negatives
with Sendy all it does is that it just sends

emails it doesn't do was call what all the
email marketing platforms are pretty much

switch to is that called tagging when tagging
is instead of having five different lists

so this is list of people who bought product
a is a separate list of people that that asked

for product B is a separate list for people
that clicked on a link on Facebook and requested

a free PDF there's no way with Sendy to have
all those people being one listed in no what

your interaction was with that person what
they were asking for in the first place what

did the purchase so it's a very dumb platform
and you're not really able to market to your

email list from any and intelligent standpoint
of of email emailing them based upon their

prior actions and it interactions with you
all you would know was Sendy is pretty much

nothing is a don't have that tagging built
into it and at the rate of things it looks

like it's probably never going to get attitude
to see adults probably a lot of coding work

that would be involved in doing that so that
is Sendy now this is what I switch to it's

called Mautic and it is also a software that
you can download and install on your own your

website domain name your own server you would
have complete ownership and control of your

data now of benefit of mounting the first
one is is 100% open source and free so was

Sendy you are paying $60 and then every time
you wanted to update it to aim the next three

versions of their own to when they come out
with three they want another $30 and that's

actually very reasonable I never had a problem
with the cost low with moderate it's free

it's open source software and Mautic is so
much easier to install then Sendy is and I

have a separate installation video on Mautic
that you can watch that will show you from

from beginning to and how to install it now
Mautic is not a simple autoresponder you can

have it work is a simple autoresponder but
really what it is is its marketing automation

it's a marketing automation platform that
you can utilize in your business so what that

does is with Mautic you can make it so it
tracks your your leads people that are giving

you their email address it tracks their interaction
with all of your web properties so for me

in a practical sense what it what it means
is when someone comes to my website I'm able

to see all the pages that they've visited
on my website and I can trigger actions based

upon pages that they had visited I'm able
to to market to them more intelligently yet

has tagging so if someone comes to my site
and request free PDF a I can put a tag that

they requested that PDF did I give you practical
example in a moment of how I'm implementing

that if they purchase this product or if they
visited the speech I can start applying tags

to their record so when I want to look it
all my thousands of people that are giving

me their email address and I can decide who
gets what email and here's like a real practical

example of why that matters say you just came
out with a product and you're offering it

for sale two months goes by and you want to
email everyone and say hey guys I want to

remind you about this product well with Mautic
when someone purchases the product you can

tag them is that they purchase that product
so then in two months when you want to email

everyone you don't want to email those people
that word he bought the product you can do

that with Mautic you can't do that with your
typical autoresponder you can do that was

Sendy but with Mautic can you can email market
more intelligently to your leads and this

is huge another practical example is saying
you have this product for sale states an online

course in your selling it for $100 and you
had 200 people by that course but you want

to put that course on sale and email everyone
that hasn't bought its you want to email the

malls they were offering it for for half off
Kate that's an example you don't want to email

those people that already bought it in. 100
that is now the time that it's now half is

there to be resentful you with with your with
Sendy or typical email autoresponder program

there's no way to segment these leads into
bucket so that you can see the right things

to the right people at the right time and
with marketing automation you are now able

to do that another thing that it does is lead
scoring's you can give points to your leads

based upon pages they visit on your website
are different actions that you set up you

can't do that with your typical email autoresponder
program because they're not intelligent so

say every time you look at my email I want
to give you five points so people that have

over 30 points are really engaged with what
I'm sending out and those are the people that

I might want to make a special offer to or
ask something special of them's you can do

all this with marketing automation so anyways
that is what I've switched to its open source

now you go to their website it's
now they also have a commercial version called

model and you can get that and
what that is is they'll host it for you and

there it it's free up to a certain amount
of contacts that you have and then they start

charging you and is actually really the but
you need to you can self post the entire thing

but if you're not into the cell posting thingy
just go to in sign up and get it

for free I would like to own my own data especially
if it's free I want to control my own data

I want to know my own data is safe and secure
so I self posted it so I got several videos

on my website on installing it configuring
gait using it and some tricks and strategies

that you can use as well with modicum so anyways
I hope you enjoy this a video if you did by

sending I'm sure you got your use out of it
only head over to my website

and take a look at the other Mautic -related
videos that I have thanks for watching

Video Transcript

Adam Preiser
Adam Preiser
Hi, my name is Adam, but I guess you already figured that out. I am an, almost 40 year old, living in Southern California. In my life I have had lots of big starts, lots of big failures, but have never stopped being an entrepreneur.


  1. Hey Adam, are you still using Mautic? How is it working for you?

    I checked the site and the last release was made on 25 december. Is Mautic still under development? I was going to install sendy to maange my email campaigns then i found your videos, thanks for that.

    1. I think you are wrong on when the last release was. The last release was maybe 3 weeks ago. IF you look at their forums you can see when each release happened and what it added / fixed.

      Its an amazing platform and I use it everyday.

      1. Yes, i was wrong. I found out in the mautic forums that the latest release was released on march 1st. In your previous video i see you added a lot of cron jobs in cPanel, is there a txt file that i can download to see what you added to cPanel?


        1. Sorry i found what i was looking for in the previous video.

          Please continue to publish more videos on mautic and how to setup Mautic with Amazon SES, that would be awesome 🙂

  2. Hello Adam,
    What is the minimum server specifications required to run Mautic? Say I have less than 5,000 people (clients and prospects) to deal with.
    Or better still what are the specifications of your server, and how big is your level of activity?

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