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Screenflow 6 Versus Camtasia 3 For Mac – What is the best screencast software??


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Video Transcript

Screenflow 6 Versus Camtasia 3 For Mac

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I teach normal

people smart strategies to make money on line
and in this video I am going to compare two

different screen recording software’s for
the Mac operating system and the first was

going to be Telestream Wells from Telestream
is going to be Screenflow and it’s right here

and the other software is Camtasia by TechSmith
now here’s the deal I have multiple YouTube

channels in the main type of content that
I create our screen recordings like this that

will have a video of me in the top right corner
of the video sometimes I’m not in the video

so I’ve been creating these types of videos
for over five years and I have a lot of experience

doing it now my computer of choice is a Mac
computer and the Camtasia it became a Mac

application maybe about three or four years
ago I could be wrong I think it’s maybe three

years ago now I’ve been using Screenflow since
day one if they are on version 6 right now

and I’ve used it and I’ve mastered it for
my purposes and I tried Camtasia the prior

versions and I did not like it at all it seemed
just not as good as Screenflow however a new

version of the Camtasia for a Mac came out
in the kind of the they really upped their

game and they made it very similar to the
PC version of Camtasia and because of that

cause me to give it a second look so if you
are using a Mac and are deciding which software

to use this is the video for you or if you
use a Screenflow currently and are considering

maybe making the switch this video will be
for you as well now I use this software type

of software in a very specific way all my
videos are pretty much the same room recording

my web browser and I’m recording my video
and my audio now Screenflow is always been

a Mac application and I gotta say that Screenflow
is a lot more reliable for recording these

types of videos in they are more deeply integrated
with the Mac operating system and that’s because

I think they have a better understanding of
the Mac operating system and here’s a couple

examples of what I’m talking about that will
give you an idea of what I am saying this

so here’s just a 10 second clip that I recorded
earlier one of the things I like to do is

take my mouse cursor and I like it to be larger
so people can see it when they’re watching

a YouTube video so he with Screenflow I can
just click on screen recording right here

and then I can go to which one is it mouse
pointer and I can make it larger just by going

like this and I have full control over the
size of my mouth so I can make it very large

or very small whatever I want on Camtasia
there is no option to do this so there’s little

things like that words deeper integrated now
here is the biggest negative of using Camtasia

on a Mac for me it maybe not for you and actually
I should’ve said this in the beginning of

the video makes a recording this in Camtasia
and I want to tell you which soft remedy is

moving forward at the end of this video and
you might be surprised but I like doing this

okay having some control like this and that
that deep integration the biggest problem

I’m noticing with Camtasia is if you want
to record video and I’m a big video guy I

am I want a video of me you can see me we
can make a connection in all of my videos

in Camtasia it cannot handle anything except
the built in face time camera on your max

Mac computers so if you want to use a Logitech
Microsoft or any kind of external HD WebCam

like I use I use a Logitech C9 20 and I’m
not the only one it’s the most popular highest

selling WebCam of all time so there’s thousands
of people like me using the same WebCam for

some reason Camtasia just cannot handle it
it can record it but then when you’re playing

it back you can see all kinds of frame drops
as you’re talking and moving there’s all sorts

of raindrops and then the audio gets out of
sync so the only way that I am able to make

videos like this with the video of me recorded
for my Logitech is if I’m recording Camtasia

recording my screen only and then I’m using
QuickTime to record my audio and video and

I’m doing both at the same time and now it
sounds crazy and it is crazy but that’s the

only way to get it to work and that’s because
I think Camtasia was never a Mac out before

and they don’t really have a deep enough understanding
of the Mac operating system because Screenflow

has never had a problem doing this and so
every single other Mac application that records

from this WebCam has never had a problem the
only the only program that has a problem is

Camtasia and that’s a huge negative for me
because it adds more work and in there’s a

timing issue I got it hit record on QuickTime
at the same time I hit record in Camtasia

so it’s a big pain in the rear end and to
make matters worse you can’t just save that

QuickTime file and drag and drop it because
it can’t handle that either you have to literally

in QuickTime click on file export and choose
the Apple TV option QuickTime only gives you

three options the highest quality is good
be this Apple TV option so then he got away

for some rendering and then it will actually
work you can drag and drop it in the Camtasia

and you’re not can have any problem that is
a huge huge negative for me when it comes

to using Camtasia there is also some things
that you don’t have quite the control over

with that WebCam video so when you’re in Screenflow
like I am right now I can click on the video

options and when I scroll down I got all these
video filters here where I can choose any

of these options to kind of make the video
look better and you have color controls you

have lots of different things like that in
Screenflow that makes it very easy to get

the results that you want out of the video
obviously it’s best to have those set perfectly

before you click on the record button but
for me I like to add the vignette to it and

in Camtasia there’s no real controls like
that to easily add a vignette not found workarounds

for all this and him and explain them all
in a moment so that’s another thing that I

like that Screenflow has that I’m not getting
out of Camtasia now let me tell you some of

things I really like about Camtasia and here’s
a short little reveal I’m actually switching

to Camtasia and I’m not using Screenflow anymore’s
let me go into Camtasia right now now for

so I really don’t like this really deep dark
in color scheme I wish it was a little bit

lighter because it’s kind of hard to see the
different sections and panels so one of things

when I first jump into Camtasia I don’t like
is I can’t really see how long the video clip

is when you’re in Screenflow that’s super
easy you can always look down here at the

bottom says duration seven seconds but here
Camtasia you don’t get that so obviously this

is a four second video clip I can see that
but if you have a very long video you really

don’t know where in the video you are in the
editing process I like to know where I am

because I like to know how much longer I’m
going to have to be doing all this editing

work for so that is one of the things that
I wish that they could change and they would

change soon so here are some of things I like
about Camtasia first of all you have more

power to get more polished result out of your
video than your ever going to get out of Screenflow

so for instance you have these behaviors that
you can easily add to any type of element

and it adds a lot of polished to your video
so could be text animations will you add these

behaviors but here’s actual different animations
that you can have that I don’t really use

many of these animations just yet but I do
use these behaviors on text elements on different

images that I might have come in and go out
of my screen cast video I love it and one

of the things I’ve always wanted to do a Screenflow
and I couldn’t but I can do it now Camtasia

is when I’m using a cursor affect I usually
use this this right here this left click ring

you see how when I click it will show this
ring when you can actually set the color and

that’s a branding issue for me I like to be
able to click and have it match my brands

colors I know it’s just a little detail but
is little detail that means a lot to me and

you could do that in Camtasia where you cannot
do that in Screenflow now one of the things

of you seen any of my videos from my other
YouTube channel I like to take

the video of me and have it be in a circle
not a box like everybody else does I like

a circle it’s just a stylistic option now
in Screenflow I was accomplishing somewhat

of a circle and it was kind of like a hack
job so here’s this image of me and what I

have to do is I have to do some crazy cropping
and then I would use this corner round option

here so I would have to kind around the corners
and I would crop it in a whole bunch and it

wasn’t precise at all now in Camtasia I don’t
have to do any of that hack job stuff they

have a masking the tool which is pretty awesome
so I can go like this I know that’s not the

most flattering vision okay there that’s much
better so I can go over here into visual effects

and I’ve got all these visual effects options
and so here is a masking option and I can

just drag and drop it where I want like that
you see how it’s already a perfect circle

and when I click while holding the shift key
it kind of locks that aspect ratio so I can

drag it like that and then I can move it perfectly
and now I’ve got a perfect circle mask exactly

how I wanted but perfect not imperfect it
wasn’t perfect before and Screenflow and I

really like that I can actually put a mask
on anything in the Camtasia it’s a huge deal

to me now remember I said you don’t have those
color controls to put a vignette and stuff

like that while I found a workaround in here
and I believe it is up here it’s down here

and it’s this spotlight so when I drag and
drop spotlights right here let’s see I’ll

just draw a drag and drop it there here’s
where the spotlight is a put the spotlight

right there in the middle and then I can adjust
this some like that I’m getting a bit of a

but see I’m getting a cut of an vignette effect
so that is how I am overcoming that obviously

this one isn’t set the way that I would want
it maybe like that to get a vignette effect

so I have these options in the Camtasia that
I don’t have in Screenflow so I can have this

precise exact precise circle and I can still
get that vignette affected that I like now

because of these more powerful features that
Camtasia has I’m able to easily bring in lower

thirds that had been pre-created and are freely
available to download on Camtasia’s website

so when you go to Camtasia’s website you can
click on video assets and they have all these

different assets here that are available to
you but I think it was under motion graphics

know when you scroll down they have these
lower third so because of these more advanced

behaviors and animations you’re able to do
more with Camtasia than you are able to do

with Screenflow so I have a pre-done template
lower third that I just copy and paste into

Camtasia and it’s all ready to go another
actual speed tip and you’re going to get this

from Screenflow and Camtasia it’s easier in
Screenflow those you’re able to have a master

file where your settings are all preset you
can just copy and paste them in from the one

file to another and so what I mean is the
effects you just saw me put on this WebCam

clip you can copy it and just pasted I don’t
have to set them every single time now with

Screenflow it’s easy it’s just copy and then
I can just paste the effects the properties

whatever I want real easily with Camtasia
it’s a very inconsistent you have to copy

your properties separate from your fax and
sometimes you’re not given the option to copy

the property or the effect and you have to
close and then reopen the project I think

it’s more of a bug in the software but it’s
certainly something that can be made a whole

lot more simple another thing that I use a
lot on Screenflow that Camtasia doesn’t have

and that’s ducking ducking is when I’m talking
and I want to background track so what it

will do is it will lower that background track
and when I’m talking and it’ll do it all automatically

at the volume level I want you don’t have
that option in Camtasia you literally have

to go in and fade I think there’s an audio
effect right here called a fading nuts not

feeding out I think it was African how I do
it because it’s all predominate a template

but you can yeah it’s not as easy’85 He is
not as easy to get that volume of the music

to go down when you want to start talking
I don’t use that on this channel of the videos

on this channel I use that more on my videos
on my because actually have

a video intro in those videos so anyways I
know I’ve rambled on and this probably hasn’t

been the most concise comparison but the overall
feeling I have is I want to start using Camtasia

because I want more polished results however
there is these problems in these caveats in

the workarounds added more work but to me
I kind of feel like it’s worth it now there

is a huge price difference Camtasia’s $200
and you have Screenflow coming in at $99 so

there’s this hundred dollar difference you’ve
got Camtasia costing twice as much as Screenflow

now if I can have my wish list done with Camtasia
it would be that it would be able to record

on third-party WebCams it just can’t do that
right now and that’s a major drawback but

the the nice thing about it is it’s it’s you
can create a screen cast in Camtasia on a

PC and you can give it to someone on a Mac
for editing and vice versa now that’s important

for me because there’s become a point where
I’m happy to do my own video editing anymore

but the person I will probably hire to do
that video editing most likely is going to

be on a PC and I’m on a Mac if you have Screenflow
there’s no way to really get that collaboration

but with Camtasia there is so I can record
in Camtasia exported throw it on dropbox and

have an outsourcer or someone else edit it
for me so that I can use that time doing other

things and this is something that I’m to be
able to do now with Camtasia and that’s another

reason why I have switched so if you’ve noticed
any differences with Camtasia and Screenflow

or if you have any questions in your thinking
about going from Screenflow to Camtasia feel

free to leave me a comment down below and
I’ll gladly answer it if you had a specific

question about something specific related
to this before you go I have something for

you but before I get into that I want to thank
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Adam Preiser
Adam Preiser
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